Empowering Business Processes with

Digital Technology

About eCosmos

      At eCosmos, we’re committed to supporting our trusted partners and clients worldwide by harnessing the power of digital technology. We provide cost-effective services, solutions, and consulting to empower our clients’ business processes. Since our establishment in 2004, with our headquarters located in Tampa, USA, eCosmos has been extending global reach and domestic support to a diverse range of organisations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We offer universal access to exceptional talent and IT innovations through various delivery models, reducing overall risk and enhancing outcomes to help our clients succeed in the global economy.

Our Mission & Vision


Excel Competencies and Exceed Expectations.

Our expertise have earned a great exposure towards diverse competencies and capabilities and with the unique skill sets scalable enough to be pushed beyond expectations.


Global Assistance to Digital Transformation.

Our Business and Technological experts can innovate IT Strategical Solutions. We deliver customized IT solutions and assistance in Digitalize your Business Process.

Our trusted Partners & Clients