Dr.Kare – Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Dr.Kare is successful ONC certified EHR application developed by e-Cosmos.The design aim is to integrate the Healthcare IT Solution platform to enhance conventional practice of storing, analyzing, and processing patient’s health records or medical data at Hospitals and Healthcare groups. Medical Groups and Doctors can access the information without having any data security concerns.

Dr.Kare application dashboard provide feasibility to Store, Access, Analyze, Process, and Share the information relating to patient’s medical history, diagnoses history, prescribed medications, lab and test results. The application also consists of various modules or platforms to generate SOAP notes, billing management, appointment or schedule setting, and sending due notifications.

e-Cosmos ensured that the Patients medical records are stored and protected abiding with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliances. Medical Groups and Doctors can access the information without having any data security concerns. A USA Government program to digitalize and integrate the Health IT Solution has offered incentives, subsidies and penalties to encourage Medical Groups, Clinics, and Doctors to incorporate and efficiently use intended to support accountable, high quality Healthcare.

Dr.Kare – EHR system benefits:

  • Feasible to track patient’s data over time.

  • Allows to sort and identify patients schedule due for preventive visits and screenings.

  • Feasible to observe the specific patients certain parameters, such as blood pressure readings and vaccinations.

  • The system helps to monitor and improve the quality of Healthcare practice.

Dr.Kare – EHR application modules:

  • Payment Management System (PMS)

  • Appointment Scheduling or Setting

  • Electronic notes management (SOAP Note)

Dr.Kare Pro – An integrated EHR

Dr.Kare Pro is an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) application platform. The design aim is to integrate the Healthcare IT Solution system to enhance conventional practice to store, analyze and process the payer’s health records or data at Hospitals and Healthcare groups.The system provide analyzed information or data which are appropriate and ready to use.

Dr.Kare Pro application dashboard provides the feasibility to track performance measures, store and process payer’s health records, chronic care patient interaction platform, billing and report management throughout the year. The platform helps the healthcare provider by driving enhanced performance with accountable information or data which are analyzed, appropriate and ready to use.

Under Dr.Kare Pro application platform the specific information can be saved, processed and extracted digitally. e-Cosmos ensured that the Patients health records are stored and protected by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliances.

Dr.Kare Pro Application modules:

  • Patient Management (PM)

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act (MACRA)

  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)

  • EHR for Behavioral Health (BH)

  • Billing

  • Reports

Chronic Care Management (CCM) Application

The Chronic Care Management (CCM) application provides the feasible platform to create awareness on chronic diseases and health conditions. The program mainly involves educational activities sponsored to Chronic Health Condition patients by their Healthcare providers. The healthcare providers connect with patients and create awareness by motivating them to go through necessary therapies and consultations and to achieve a reasonable quality of life.

Our philosophy on CCM is “No one knows the patients better then you”. We believe that the most successful CCM programs use their own resources. We also believe that CCM should be a significant revenue opportunity for the practice.

CCM implementation would require at your practice choosing the right healthcare IT solutions would make remarkable difference. e-Cosmos domain expertise provide powerful set of tools that will empower the healthcare provider’s or medical clinic staff to manage their CCM program. Our CCM application setup and implementation process is feasible. Basic requirement to have a web browser and an internet network connection to get started with CCM. It is a web based, HIPAA compliance solution without any complex installation.

Our CCM Software Features

  • HIPAA compliance application platform

  • Unlimited users and patients access

  • Customer interaction support via email and phone

  • Create Care Plan reports

  • Download and upload EHR

  • Live dashboard

  • Task tracker for provider

Merit Based Incentive Payment (MIPS) application

e-Cosmos MIPS application platform is well structured Healthcare performance based payment program. The MIPS application is developed on a foundation of US law “Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act (MACRA)”, this creates a new framework for rewarding Healthcare Representative or physicians for providing higher quality care.

For Healthcare service providers and clinical professionals who require assistance aggregating their Care Quality Measure data e-Cosmos offer diverse Health IT services. The e-Cosmos MIPS application support and service enables healthcare service providers to report MIPS Quality Measures as either individual eligible provider or as a group (GPRO) with data aggregated across the group. By extracting the billing and healthcare data from your source systems and via a secure file transport system e-Cosmos can analyze and process the data identifying measure eligible encounters and performance.

Our MIPS application dashboard provides the ability to track performance measures throughout the year and driving enhanced performance with accountable information. All reports use advanced capabilities and provide appropriate and ready to use information feasible for data collection infrastructure as well as healthcare delivery workflow.

Healthcare Professionals or Physicians can earn an incentive perk based on digital evidence and practice-specific quality data. This can be achieved providing high quality, efficient care supported by technology and by sending in digital information in the following categories.

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