Healthcare IT Solutions

Healthcare domain is transforming to liable care, value-based services and digital payment process. It helps to enhance the delight level of convenience and services to Providers and Payers. e-Cosmos help the Providers and Payers to connect with Healthcare IT solutions to have a pleasant care service experience.

Advanced regulations, Increasing costs, Complex reimbursement process, and increasing Data security issues raise challenges to healthcare enterprises. The aim is to digitalize the conventional process at clinics and Hospitals. The healthcare information can be stores and processed digitally. Our solutions enables Medical Groups and Doctors to access and analyze the patients medical history conducted at different clinics. This digital data can accelerate a growing, competitive marketplace of sophisticated applications to improve Healthcare service providers and patient’s medical practice process.

e-Cosmos Solutions playing an important role to accelerate the Digital Healthcare system revolution. The US Government program to digitalize the healthcare system has offered subsidies, incentives and penalties to encourage Medical Groups, Clinics, and Doctors to incorporate and efficiently use intended to support efficient, high quality Healthcare.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) cloud application

Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital form of patient’s complete health records or data history. The EHR system is a real-time concept. This digital data can be shared, accessed and analyzed from anywhere irrespective of time, location and provider.

EHR is a Healthcare platform which allows to access and share information about a patient’s medical history, diagnoses history, prescribed medications, also lab and test results.

  • EHR is compatible to share patient’s medical information to specialists, emergency rooms, pharmacies and laboratories etc.

  • The system can provide detailed access to evidence-based tools, which can help the healthcare representatives, analyze and make decisions about patient’s healthcare.

Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) application.

Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is well structured Healthcare performance based payment program, also known as “Meaningful Use”. The system creates a new framework for rewarding Healthcare Representative or physicians for providing higher quality care.

Healthcare Professionals or Physicians can earn an incentive perk based on digital evidence and practice-specific quality data. This can be achieved providing high quality, efficient care supported by technology and by sending in digital information.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) application

Chronic Care Management (CCM) explains an outlook on chronic diseases and health conditions and this mainly involves educational activities to Chronic Health Condition patients sponsored by Healthcare Professionals.

Chronic Disease or Chronic Health Condition is long lasting disease (more than 12 months and long) which comes over a time. This usually include arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes and viral diseases such as hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS etc.

In CCM program the healthcare professionals help patients by motivating them to go through relevant and necessary therapies and consultations.

Enterprise Application Development

IT enabled Service (ITeS) providers are under increasing pressure to take a leap on their business growth graph using latest IT innovations and Trends. The aim is to drive growth and respond more swiftly to new technologies and changing market trends. e-Cosmos will assist you with integrating IT innovations and connect with Digital Technology.

The demand to develop solutions with constrained time limit can have an effect on desired output quality and can possibly lead to potential for risk and error.

Our expertise in IT Digital transformation and innovation capable of molding quality and client expectations as priority one into Application Development Process from the start. Our Technical resources excel in developing highly customized, scalable and responsive IT systems.

Enterprise Applications

e-Cosmos Solutions have availed expertise in both conventional and cross platform Enterprise Application Development. Our expertise are capable to rapidly build enterprise applications across multiple platforms, deploy and maintain to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. Our expertise offer Cloud services, IoT platform integration and testing for enterprise applications.

e-Cosmos expertise furnish the Enterprise Application with key features like Various Device Responsive, System Integration process, Manual and Automated Testing process, MEAN / PHP / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / JAVA / .NET development.

e-Cosmos help organizations build reliable and scalable Enterprise applications. We have proven expertise in many of the various domains and we provide business solutions for organizations in scalable business process models ranging from enhanced life-cycle projects to co-operative development.

Our domain expertise offer the IT skills to develop, streamline and manage are:

  • MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js)

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP

  • JAVA and J2EE

  • Microsoft and .NET

  • Unix, C and C++

  • Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Application and Content Management

Mobile Applications

e-Cosmos Solutions development team availed a proven experience and exposure towards Development and Deployment of scalable Mobile Applications across various domains.

We bring a decade of experience, digital expertise and industry domain knowledge which can assist clients organize the mobile app strategy and develop a solution that provides clients or their patrons an amazing experience.

Out expertise diverse client experience with end to end mobile development services including key features like; Comprehensive, Customized, Cost Effective, Secure Mobile Apps, Customizable SDK’s, Framework Design, White Labelled Apps, Backend Integration, Android, iOS, and Windows. Our expertise have availed proven exposure towards both Conventional and Cross Platform App Development. We analyze and understand the requirement to identify the best approach based on functionality and user experience. Our teams have diverse expertise on Android, iOS and Windows to achieve the best device compatibility, user experience and access to device specific features.

Our Key Focus:

  • Types of Apps and Platforms

  • End-user focus

  • User Experience

  • Performance

  • App Security

Cloud Implementation Services

e-Cosmos Solutions Cloud Implementation Services involves Application Migration, Product Deployment to Cloud and Integration with PAAS & SAAS.

e-Cosmos provides a high quality Cloud Services and Solutions including Application Programming Interface (API) management, Integration expertise, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) environment, and Product or Process Performance study to meet reliable and scalable solutions.

Our expertise in cloud migration and implementation services will assist customers to create SAAS enabled services, integration with various platforms like IAAS and PAAS, systematic approach in migration to public clouds including Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

  • Migration Process Planning

  • Infrastructure, Application and Data migration

  • Process Impact Analysis

  • Application Packaging

  • Application Deployment and Testing

Business Process Outsourcing

e-Cosmos Solutions expertise in IT, Non-IT, Voice, Non-Voice Customer Interaction Services. Our business consulting team provide strong backend operation support for various Software and Insurance products. With over a decade of domain experience our network has spread over Bangalore, Chennai and many other major silicon cities mainly in India and USA.

Our business consulting team excel in In-bound and Out-bound Customer Interaction Services. Our resources have availed complete understanding about Customer Interaction Operations. The aim is to transfer our collective knowledge and process experience to our trusted customers, enabling them to achieve feasible, cost effective, sustainable and high quality business solutions.

With our core Business Consulting domain experience, we understand customer’s requirements and excel in providing Customized and Scalable Business Solutions.

Healthcare Call Center Services

e-Cosmos Solutions help to extend the delight level of convenience and services to the patients by connecting the Healthcare Service Providers, Hospitals and Doctors with our trending Healthcare Call Center technology as a part of their practice. We assure patients a comfortable access to Healthcare. The support we provide is fast and effective which satisfies the Healthcare Service needs in a timely manner so that the Providers and Patients have a pleasant experience with e-Cosmos at every interaction.

Hospital management is a prime responsibility, therefore it is very necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the healthcare process. We also extend e-mail support services for following up with the patients on a regular basis.

Our Healthcare call center team’s key activities:

  • Inbound & Outbound support

  • On call order booking

  • Health plan history analysis

  • Appointment setting

  • Follow-up with patients

  • Reminder for due appointments

  • E-mail support.

Customer Interaction Services

e-Cosmos Solutions is a globally leading Business Process Management (BPM) services partner. We provide proven facility to customers with end-to-end multichannel interaction services. Our customer interaction services mainly based on the our team’s expertise, the right understanding of analytics, technological transformation process. Our expertise comfortably connects customers to engage effectively with their patrons and also build enhances products and services.

Our Global Customer Interaction Service team’s exposure towards various domain are:

  • Insurance

  • Financial Domain Services

  • Banking Customer Support

  • Retail and Consumer packaged goods

  • Travel and Leisure

Workflow Automation and Optimization

We assist customers reduce costs and provide enhanced services for patrons. We enhance and automate in-efficient, time consuming and more cost process flows, our expertise provide proven solutions by re-thinking the complete workflows and incorporating trending technologies.

The complete process under an Enterprise starting from filling leave forms, making HR requests, or complex procurement orders and requests can be automated. Our Workflow Management Application features such as specific task assignments, document authorization, notification, messaging, delay warnings, reporting and triggers will help customers to reduce the process time and cost.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces process queuing and completion time

  • Enhanced decision making process

  • Reduce the number of process stakeholders

  • Zero possibility for human errors

  • Enhanced platform for internal communication

  • Enhanced tasks visibility and audit trail

  • Promote paperless and green practices

Staffing and Placement Solutions

e-Cosmos Solutions is an expert Staffing and Placement organization have earned a decade of experience in exploring talent for start-ups as well as Fortune 500 IT companies in IT Business, Development and Services sector. We strive to improve customers’ internal processes by incorporating our Business Domain Experience and Trending Technology to attain increased efficiencies.

Our Technical Experts with diverse domain exposure will assign Right Talent for the Right Job.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our expertise work closely with clients to understand the current process and expected quality and delivery challenges. We strive to improve customers’ internal processes by incorporating our Business Domain Experience and Trending Technology to attain increased efficiencies

Our expertise understand:

  • Managing Business Activity and Process.

  • Managing the complete Recruitment function of customer.

  • Deploying domain expert recruiters at Customers’ location.

Permanent Role Placements

Hiring permanent employees and absorbing them into your organization is a serious commitment, so you better make sure that you’re making this commitment to the right people. We are here to help you pick out just the right ones.

Our expertise understand:

  • Customer’s requirements.

  • Customized recruitment process.

  • Domain oriented Shortlisting.

  • Reliable Verification Process.

  • Finalizing the offer.

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